Ridder is a music project formed by two multitalented artists, Kostas Georgiadis and Athena Anagnostou. Their sound is a harmonic mixture of electro trip-hop, neo-soul and pop, blended together beautifully, creating a unique sonic experience.
The two members had been already working together for 4 years in various projects, when their passion for music and their need to experiment on new ideas and sounds, led them to the formation of RIDDER in 2015. At that time, they recorded their debut single Back & Forth, which received great reviews and led them to their first live performance on a highly popular Greek TV Show, Radio Arvyla TV. In 2016, Ridder moved in London, UK where they released their second second single Cold Night. Following the success of their two singles, Ridder started performing live in London. In the meantime, they got in the studio to work on new material.
Ridder have just released their debut EP titled Hero on the 30th of May.

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